When most people envision an angler casting a fly rod it is the Single Hand rod that they are thinking about. A man or woman casting to rising trout on a small stream with a gorgeous fall or winter background as their surroundings. Single Hand Fly Fishing with LPJ’s Guide Service has all of the beauty that was described previously but the fish we catch…snack on little rising trout and use their bones as toothpicks! To get these brutes to cooperate we choose Nautilus Fly Reels and G-Loomis Fly Rods in a 10’ 7wt to allow for maximum castability in a light rod that won’t break your shoulder down after a day of chucking it at fish.

dsc03906Using a single hand rod may seem easy at a glance but when on the river where the right or wrong cast may or may not put you on fish, there is a bit of technical skill and line control that come into play. Whether you are casting a full sinking line with heavy weighted flies stripping in fast for coho, letting your line swing over boulders and other structure for steelhead or nymphing with indicators for   winter run monsters in high flows your line management above and below the waters surface will tell the tale of victory or defeat. You will be intently coached by your guide who’ll put you close enough for a shot at chrome but at a distance that will not spook fish. At this point it is solely upon you to take all the instruction provided and confidently start taking shots into pockets, seams and slack water that hold eight fins & a heartbeat!                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                 Now that you have gently placed a cast, let it settle into the strike zone and felt your line come tight after the strip or watched your indicator disappear the real action begins! Your line management duties have not ended just because you have a fish on. Now you have to get the fish on the reel without wrapping it around your feet, that cup of coffee you have been clinging to or the reel itself. Once you get that all figured out its time to keep him out of the wood and from under the boat while your guide grabs the net to give you a break from the heart attack that is on the end of your line. 


Well done sir!