Have you ever seen a fantastic photo that includes everything you could want in an outdoor scene? Ever wonder how did they get that shot? Scenic Photography Float Tours are what youve been looking for! Timing, choosing the right place to shoot, lighting and correct lens selection are only a few of the critical components that make your photo come alive. Reading technique books and watching YouTube videos will indeed help get you closer to your goal, but it can not replace in the field training that will put you face to face with all of the challenges presented by Mother Nature.

Your guide has traveled throughout Washington and Alaska shooting rainforest environments that challenge photographers with constantly changing light conditions. They are full of wildlife which calls this area home. If you are not familiar with your equipment or settings, a once in a lifetime shot may escape.

Many traveling photographers and adventurers crowned Patagonia as the most scenic region in the world to photograph. Some may disagree, but your guide had to see for himself. During a fishing excursion in 2015, he had an opportunity to see it through his lens. It was more amazing than some had described. Placed in the setting of majestic mountains and rivers fueled his passion for photography further. Visit the Destination Photography Page as well as LPJ.Photography which showcases his best work. This single event grew his knowledge base and expanded on what has been used to guide others throughout the scenic photography float tours today.

LPJ’S Guide Service will take you into the best photo rich rivers that the Evergreen State has to offer. Services provided on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula including the Queets River in Olympic National Park. Need something closer to Seattle? Float one of the Puget Sound Rivers or the Skagit & Sauk Rivers located in the North Cascades. Bring your own equipment or limited gear is available.


Step into the unknown and capture your creative vision through a lens!